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Name & Description: Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway between Norfolk, VA, and the St. Johns River, FL (Charleston District)- Section Included: From Little River, SC, to Port Royal Sound, SC, with a branch channel to McClellanville, SC. Controlling Depth: 8.4 feet at mean low water for 90 feet width from Little River to Winyah Bay, 7.5 feet for 90 feet width from Winyah Bay to Charleston; 10.6 feet for 90 feet width in McClellanville Branch Channel and 10 feet for 90 feet width from Charleston to Port Royal Sound. Project Depth: 12 feet at mean low water.
Time: CY2014
Measure: Short Tons (#)

All Traffic Types (Domestic & Foreign)DomesticForeign
All Traffic DirectionsIntrawaterwayReceiptsShipmentsThroughAll Traffic DirectionsIntrawaterwayReceiptsShipmentsThroughAll Traffic DirectionsIntrawaterwayReceiptsShipmentsThrough
All  Commodities          135,009019,995390114,624135,009019,995390114,62400000
  20 Petroleum and Petroleum Products70,667019,995050,67270,667019,995050,67200000
    22-29 Petroleum Products70,667019,995050,67270,667019,995050,67200000
      2211 Gasoline56,909019,995036,91456,909019,995036,91400000
      2340 Residual Fuel Oil13,75800013,75813,75800013,75800000
  40 Crude Materials, Inedible Except Fuels35,35700035,35735,35700035,35700000
    44 Iron Ore and Scrap26,12300026,12326,12300026,12300000
      4420 Iron & Steel Scrap26,12300026,12326,12300026,12300000
    48 Slag9,2340009,2349,2340009,23400000
      4860 Slag9,2340009,2349,2340009,23400000
  50 Primary Manufactured Goods28,9850039028,59528,9850039028,59500000
    53 Primary Iron and Steel Products20,85700020,85720,85700020,85700000
      5312 Pig Iron8,5580008,5588,5580008,55800000
      5390 Primary I&S NEC12,29900012,29912,29900012,29900000
    54 Primary Non-Ferrous Metal Products8,128003907,7388,128003907,73800000
      5480 Fab. Metal Products8,128003907,7388,128003907,73800000