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Name & Description: Appomattox River, VA- Section Included: From mouth to Petersburg, Virginia, 11 miles. Controlling Depth: From the mouth to mile point 7.8, 7.5 feet, thence to mile point 8.5, 2.2 feet, thence to mile point 11, 5.5 feet. Project Depth: 10 feet until the vessel traffic indicates the need for a change, the 60 foot wide channel between Puddledock and the Small Boat Harbor will be maintained to a depth of 6 feet. The channel upstream of the Small Boat Harbor is not being maintained.
Time: CY2014
Measure: Short Tons (#)

All Traffic Types (Domestic & Foreign)DomesticForeign
All Traffic DirectionsIntrawaterwayReceiptsShipmentsThroughAll Traffic DirectionsIntrawaterwayReceiptsShipmentsThroughAll Traffic DirectionsIntrawaterwayReceiptsShipmentsThrough
All  Commodities          773,38800773,3880773,38800773,388000000
  40 Crude Materials, Inedible Except Fuels773,38800773,3880773,38800773,388000000
    43 Soil, Sand, Gravel, Rock and Stone773,38800773,3880773,38800773,388000000
      4331 Sand & Gravel773,38800773,3880773,38800773,388000000