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Name & Description
Sheet1 Calumet Harbor and River, IL and IN- Section Included: Calumet Harbor and River to turning basin no. 5 (130th Street Bridge). Project Depth: 29 feet in approach channel, 28 feet in outer harbor anchorage area, 27 feet in river entrance channel to E. J. & E. R. R. Bridge, and 27 feet in river to and including Basin No. 5, (130th Street Bridge).
Sheet2 Calumet-sag Channel, IL- Section Included: Calumet-Sag Channel from its junction with Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal to Blue Island, Little Calumet and Calumet Rivers to Turning Basin No. 5 (130th Street Bridge). Maintained Depth: 9 feet.
Sheet3 Chicago River (Main and North Branch), IL- Section Included: Main River from Rush Street to junction of North and South Branch; North Branch to North Avenue. Project Depth: 21 feet from Rush Street in the Main River to North Avenue in the North Branch, including the North Branch Canal and the North Turning Branch Basin.
Sheet4 Chicago River, South Branch, IL- Section Included: Damen Avenue to Lake Street. Maintained Depth: 9 feet at low water stages.
Sheet5 Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, IL- Section Included: Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. Damen Avenue, Chicago to Lockport, IL. Maintained Depth: 9 feet at low water stages.
Sheet6 Detroit River, MI- Section Included: Entire length of Detroit River and Rouge River to head of project. Controlling Depths: 25 to 28.5 feet and 21 to25 feet, respectively with 5 feet of shoaling along the channel limits of the lower Livingstone and east outer channel and with project depth in the regularly traveled shipping lanes.
Sheet7 Grays Reef Passage, MI- Section Included: East channel, 3,000 feet wide and about 2 miles long. Controlling and project depths: 25 feet.
Sheet8 Illinois Waterway, IL- Section Included: Illinois River, Grafton, IL to confluence of Desplaines and Kankakee Rivers thence Desplaines River to Lockport, IL; Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, Lockport, IL to Damen Avenue in Chicago; Chicago River (South Branch), Damen Avenue to Lake Street; Calumet-Sag Channel from its junction with the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal to Blue Island; and the Little Calumet River and Calumet River to Turning Basin No. 5 (130th Street Bridge). See reports for I llinois River, Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, Calumet-Sag Channel, and Chicago River, South Branch. Maintained Depth: 9 feet at low water stages.
Sheet9 Keweenaw Waterway, MI- Section Included: From Portage Entry, Keweenaw Bay through Portage River, Torch Lake, Portage Lake, and dredged canals to the upper entry, Lake Superior, including ports of Torch Lake, Dollar Bay, Houghton, Hancock and Shoreline. Controlling Depth: 25 feet except for scattered 1-2 foot shoals along the edge of the inner channel near the upper entry. Project Depth: 28 feet in Lake Approach at portage entry diminishing to 25 feet in inner channels and 32 feet in Lake  Approach at upper entry diminishing to 25 feet in channels. Navigation season: April 28 to December 2.
Sheet10 Lake St. Clair, Channels in- Section Included: Improved ship channels connecting St. Clair River and Detroit River across Lake St. Clair, entrance channels to mouth of Clinton River and the Canadian channel to the mouth of the Thames River. Controlling Depths: 27.0 feet in the main channel with 8 feet in channel to Clinton River. Project Depths: 27.5 feet in main channel and 8 feet in Clinton River channel.
Sheet11 St. Clair River, MI- Section Included: Entire length of St. Clair River and Black River up to Washington Avenue in Port Huron. Controlling Depths: 27 to 30 feet in St. Clair River at Port Huron and 20 feet in Black River.
Sheet12 St. Marys Falls Canal, MI and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Ship Canal, CN- Section Included: American and Canadian Navigation Canals and Locks at St. Marys Falls, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. and Ontario. Controlling Depths: Sabin Lock 23.1, Davis Lock 23.1, Macarthur Lock 31.0, Poe Lock 32.0 and 16.8 feet Canadian Canal. Project Depth: See St. Marys River.
Sheet13 St. Marys River, MI- Section Included: Entire length of St. Marys River from Lake Superior to Lake Huron, including American ports of Sault Ste. Marie, Raber, Lime Island, Drummond Island, and Detour, Michigan. Canals included:Gros Cap Reefs, Project Depth 30.0, Controlling Depth 30.0; Point Iroquois Shoal Channel, Project Depth 30.00, Controlling Depth 29.4; Point Iroquois Anchorage areas, Project Depth 29.0, Controlling Depth 21.0;Birch Point Course, Project Depth 28.0-30.0, Controlling Dept h 30.0; Brush Point Course, Project Depth 28.0, Controlling Depth 30.0; Point Louise Channel Project Depth 28.0, Controlling Depth 28.0; Vidal Shoals Channel Locks and Canal (see report for St. Marys Fall Canal) Project Depth 28.0,Controlling Depth 28.0; Bayfield Channel Course 1 28.0,Controlling Depth 28.0; Anchorage and maneuver area angle courses 1 and 2 28.5, Controlling Depth 28.5; Little Rapids Courses 2 and 3 27.0, Controlling Depth 27.0; Lake Nicolet Channel 29.0, Controlling Depth 29. 0; Lake Nicolet Anchorage 28.0, Controlling Depth 28.0; Middle Neebish Channel 27.0-28.0, Controlling Depth 27.0; West Nebish Channel 27.5-28.5, Controlling Depth 27.5; Lake Munuscong Channel 28.0,Controlling Depth 28.0; Lime Island Channel 29.0, Controlling Depth 29.0; Detour Passage 30.0,Controlling Depth 29.0; Pipe Island Course 29.0,Controlling Depth 29.0; Watson Reef Course 30.0,Controlling Depth 30.0; Crab Island 30.0, Controlling Depth 30.0;