Preliminary U.S. Foreign Waterborne Cargo Summaries

The following cargo summaries contain value and weight information by type of service
on U.S. waterborne imports and exports, along with year-to-date figures. Inbound and
outbound in-transit data are not included. These statistics are based on the U.S. Bureau
of the Census trade data matched to the U.S. Customs vessel entrances and clearances.

Calendar Year 2005 Calendar Year 2004 Calendar Year 2003 Calendar Year 2002 Calendar Year 2001
January January January January January
February     February     February     February     February
March March March March March
April April April April     April
May May May May May
June June June June     June
July July July July July
August August August August August
September September September September September
October October October October October
November November November November November
December December December December December



Beginning with the calendar year 2006 data, the Corps will no longer generate the monthly and annual Waterborne Databanks and Preliminary Waterborne Cargo Summary reports.  Historical Waterborne Databanks will still be available for purchase from the Maritime Administration (MarAd). Special tabulations and customized reports created from these datasets for the private sector should be arranged through MarAd.  Contact Marad at: Office of Statistical and Economic Analysis, U.S. Maritime Administration, 400 Seventh Street, SW, Washington, DC  20590  fax: 202-366-8886;  voice: 202-366-2267; e-mail:  For current and future trade-based publications and special tabulations please contact the U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division at 301-763-2311.


The Corps will continue to produce and enhance its manifest-based data products which serve as the official statistics on U.S. Foreign Waterborne Transportation Statistics.

These products are available on the Corps web site at:



Information on official U.S. foreign waterborne transportation statistics and special requests for customized data reports may be directed to:


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center, P.O. Box 61280, New Orleans, LA 70161-1280  fax: 504-862-1423; voice: 504-862-1426; e-mail:





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