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The Notices To Navigation Interests (NTNI Notices) website contains navigation notices and policies issued by
US Army Corps of Engineers Districts with a waterway navigation mission. These documents are disseminated according
to EP 1130-2-520, Chapter 2, to inform mariners of information describing events that affect waterway navigation such as
maintenance projects, hazards to navigation, and other pertinent information. The notices are removed from the page
seven days past the end date on the latest amendment. The site also has Policy Notices that remain in place until superseded.
This site does not contain all notices such as those published by other Federal agencies.

Notices to Navigation Interests: Notices to Navigation Interests

The US Coast Guard Local Notice To Mariners site: US Coast Guard Local Notice To Mariners site:

Additional waterway and POC information may be available at the local district sites.

District Navigation Notices Web Address Division Code District Code
Buffalo District http://www.lrb.usace.army.mil LRD LRB
Chicago District http://www.lrc.usace.army.mil/Missions/Navigation/NavigationNotices.aspx LRD LRC
Detroit District http://www.lre.usace.army.mil LRD LRE
Huntington District http://www.lrh.usace.army.mil/navigation/ LRD LRH
Louisville District http://www.lrl.usace.army.mil/Missions/CivilWorks/Navigation/Notices.aspx LRD LRL
Nashville District http://www.lrn.usace.army.mil/opn/navnotices.htm LRD LRN
Pittsburgh District http://www.lrp.usace.army.mil/Missions/Navigation/NavigationNotices.aspx LRD LRP
Vicksburg District http://www.mvk.usace.army.mil/ MVD MVK
New Orleans District http://www.mvn.usace.army.mil/Missions/Navigation/NavigationBulletins.aspx MVD MVN
Memphis District http://www.mvm.usace.army.mil/ MVD MVM
St. Paul District http://www2.mvr.usace.army.mil/NavNotices/default.cfm?type=0 MVD MVP
Rock Island District http://www2.mvr.usace.army.mil/NavNotices/default.cfm?type=0 MVD MVR
St. Louis District http://www.mvs.usace.army.mil/Missions/Navigation/Notices/USACE.aspx MVD MVS
Baltimore District http://www.nab.usace.army.mil/ NAD NAB
New England District http://www.nae.usace.army.mil/Missions/Navigation.aspx NAD NAE
New York District http://www.nan.usace.army.mil/ NAD NAN
Norfolk District http://www.nao.usace.army.mil NAD NAO
Philadelphia District http://www.nap.usace.army.mil/ NAD NAP
Kansas City District http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/ NWD NWK
Omaha District http://www.nwo.usace.army.mil/ NWD NWO
Portland District http://www.nwp.usace.army.mil/ NWD NWP
Seattle District http://www.nws.usace.army.mil/ NWD NWS
Walla Walla District http://www.nww.usace.army.mil/ NWD NWW
Honolulu District http://www.pod.usace.army.mil/ POD POH
Charleston District http://www.sac.usace.army.mil/ SAD SAC
Jacksonville District http://www.saj.usace.army.mil/Division/Operations/Branches/Navigation/NavNotices.htm SAD SAJ
Mobile District http://www.sam.usace.army.mil/Missions/CivilWorks/Navigation/NavigationNotices.aspx SAD SAM
Savannah District http://www.sas.usace.army.mil/ SAD SAS
Wilmington District http://www.saw.usace.army.mil/ SAD SAW
Albuquerque District http://www.spa.usace.army.mil/ SPD SPA
Sacramento District http://www.spk.usace.army.mil/ SPD SPK
Los Angeles District http://www.spl.usace.army.mil/ SPD SPL
San Francisco District http://www.spn.usace.army.mil/ SPD SPN
Fort Worth District http://www.swf.usace.army.mil/ SWD SWF
Galveston District http://www.swg.usace.army.mil/OD/NtoNav.asp SWD SWG
Little Rock District http://www.swl.usace.army.mil/navigation/notices.htm SWD SWL
Tulsa District http://www.swt.usace.army.mil/navigation/navcharts.htm SWD SWT
please inform WCSC of any changes - phone: voice 504 862-1426; fax 504 862-1423)

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