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                          K E Y   L O C K   R E P O R T

     This  report is produced monthly and distributed by the U. S. Army Corps of

Engineers Navigation Data Center.  It provides a monthly summary and year to date

totals of commodity tonnages and barge traffic. It contains data for eleven(11)

designated key lock sites or fifteen(15) chambers on the following rivers and



     Arkansas River: Norrell Lock    

     Columbia River: Bonneville Lock 


     Gulf Intracoastal Waterway: Calcasieu Lock and Inner Harbor Navigation

		Canal Lock  


     Illinois River: LaGrange Lock    

     Kanawha River: Winfield Main 1, 2, and the new 800� chamber � Winfield

		Main 800 

     Mississippi River: Lock 25, Lock 27 and Lock 27 Aux1    

     Ohio River: Lock 52 and Lock 52 Aux1   

     Tennessee River: Kentucky Lock             

     Tombigbee River: Demopolis Lock   

     Table 1 provides an explanation of the report format, field location and

definitions.  All tonnage figures are presented in Ktons (1000 tons) rounded

to the nearest tenth of a Ktons, therefore the total may vary from the sum of

the upbound and downbound tonnage.  The report includes the differences in current

and prior year tonnages and barge counts as well as the percentage increase or

decrease from the prior year for the monthly and year-to-date tonnage totals.

     The percentages are computed by dividing the total monthly/year-to-date

tonnage differences by the total prior year monthly/year-to-date tonnage.  They

are multiplied by 100 and rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.  Due to

sporadic use of auxiliary locks or large differences in monthly and/or year-to-

date totals, percentages which are extreme may be produced.  Percentages that

exceed 999.9%, as well as those where prior year totals are zero, are represented

by asterisks (****.*) in the percentage fields.   In the case of the  new

commodity code 80, where data is collected beginning February 1993, the

monthly/year-to-date comparison will not be computed until February 1994, and

"N/A" will appear in the difference columns until that time.

     Table 2 provides definitions of the commodity codes.  Table 3 provides

District and Division symbols used in this report.  Figure 1 locates each of the

key lock sites.  If you have any questions or suggestions contact Ruth Betts at

(703) 428-8245 or Shaku Jain at (504) 862-1384.  

					TABLE 1

				     Report Format 

                              K E Y   L O C K   R E P O R T

                                                                           Page number


LOCK NAME      DISTRICT SYMBOL                                      DATE REPORT IS RUN

COMMODITY                                                  Totals(ktons) from first of 

CODE           Monthly totals(ktons)                   calendar year thru month chosen

                                        difference                           difference  

                                           from                                 from        	

               up      down      total   prior yr    up     down     total    prior yr

              -----    ------    -----    ------    ----    -----    -----     ------

                                     (Commodity Data)


              -----    ------    -----    ------    ----    -----    -----     ------



LOADED BARGES                          (Barge Data) 

              -----    ------    -----    ------    ----    -----    -----     ------

Total No. of barges

Months no data submitted - current yr               % change from prior yr (MO ktons)

Months no data submitted - prior yr                 % change from prior yr (YTD ktons)

                                        TABLE 2

				  LPMS Commodity Codes

        Code        Commodity                             

          10        Coal, lignite, coke

          20        Petroleum and petroleum products

          30        Chemicals and fertilizers

          40        Crude materials, inedible, such as:

                         Forest  products, pulp

                         Sand, gravel, stone

                         Iron ore

                         Marine shells

                         Non-ferrous metallic ores


          50        Primary manufactured goods, such as:

                         Paper and allied products


                         Iron, steel

                         Non-ferrous metals

                         Wood products 

          60        Food, grain, farm products

          70        All manufactured equipment

         *80        Waste material, such as:



                         Sewage sludge, waste water 

          99        Unknown commodity

         * New code; data collection beginning February 1993

					TABLE 3

   		U. S. Army Corps of Engineers District and Division Symbols 

	  		Mississippi Valley Division - MVD

    				St. Louis District - MVS

    				New Orleans District - MVN

				Rock Island District - MVR

   			Northwestern Division - NWD

    				Portland District - NWP


   			Great Lakes and Ohio River Division - LRD

    				Nashville District - LRN

    				Louisville District - LRL

				Huntington District - LRH

   			South Atlantic Division - SAD

    				Mobile District - SAM

   			Southwestern Division - SWD

    				Little Rock District - SWL


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