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These data are entered by District personnel directly into the central database. Reports are posted every other Monday.
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The Advertising Schedule

The advertising Schedule is a report in spreadsheet format for the current fiscal year that includes selected information and the status of all Corps dredging contracts anticipated to be advertised in the designated fiscal year. The report is sorted by Corps division, district and the bid opening date and for each job named includes information on dates of anticipated bid advertisement and bid opening and estimated quantity to be dredged. The report contains several Tabs each containing different sets of information including a list of all work remaining to be awarded in the fiscal year, a list of all proposed work (including work that has been awarded) in the fiscal year, and a list and chart of a 15 month window of hopper dredge work. The Advertising Schedule Legend, available as a separate file, contains the code description for job status, class of work, suggested dredge type, material units, type of disposal, dollar range of contract and small business set aside restriction.

The Dredging Contracts Awarded

The Dredging Contracts Awarded reports for the current and previous fiscal years includes selected information on all Corps advertised and awarded dredging contracts in the designated fiscal year. For the purposes of this report, a contract is placed in the fiscal year of the bid open date regardless of which fiscal year is credited with the expenditures. The report is sorted by district code and award date and includes the job name, type of dredge used, quantity of dredging in the bid, total government estimate, total winning bid, winning bidder, business status of bidder and the number of bids for that contract. Total cubic yards and dollars for each district and total values for the entire report are included.

The Corps of Engineers Dredge Report lists the anticipated work schedule of eleven Corps owned and operated dredges. For the period of the fiscal year (Oct 1 to Sep 31) it includes dates, location, quantity and number of work days.

The Corps/Industry Dredge Fleet Status report is updated weekly and lists the location and dates of activity of the Corps minimum Fleet dredges and the industry hopper dredges. The following reports list dredging statistics for previous fiscal years.

Dredging Contracts Awarded (.pdf format):

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Number of Contracts and Quantity Dredged:
By Corps District - Number of contracts and quantity in million cubic yards dredged by Fiscal Year and Corps of Engineers District
By Dredge Type - Number of dredging contracts awarded by Fiscal Year and type of dredge
By Material Disposal - Quantity in cubic yards for awarded dredging contracts for Fiscal Year by type of material disposal

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