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U.S. Waterway Data Title
Waterborne Commerce of the United States
Data Dictionary

Manuscript Cargo Files (Parts 1-4 and Summary Files). Data files of yearly publication of tons by waterway for published commodity groups for the Atlantic (part 1), Mississippi Valley and Gulf Coast (part 2), the Great Lakes (part 3), and the Pacific (part 4). File "manu9950.txt" is a summary of all of the cargo moves for calendar years 2006-2015.
See Terminology for further information.

File Name(s): comma delimited or excel format 

Manuscript Cargo extract Excel files Data Dictionary
Field Description ValidValues
WaterwayCode Navigable Waterway code (defined by WCSC)
WaterwayName Waterway name  
TrafficCode Code for types of vessel traffic 11 - Overseas Imports
12 - Overseas Exports
21 - Canadian Imports
22 - Canadian Exports
30 - Coastwise
40 - Lakewise
50 - Internal
70 - Local
80 - Intraterritory
90 - Ferry
TrafficName Describes the type of vessel traffic  
CommodityCode Publication Commodity Group (defined by WCSC)
CommodityName Commodity name  
Allo1Code Primary direction of vessel 0 - Waterway
1 - Inbound Receiving
2 - Outbound Shipping
3 - Local
4 - Thru
In/Out/Thru Description of Allo1Code  
Allo2Code Secondary direction of vessel 0 - Port
1 - Upbound/East/North
2 - Downbound/West/South
Up/Down Description of Allo2Code  
Tons Cargo tonnage in short tons (2,000 lbs)  
TonMiles Ton miles for cargo trips  
CompletedYear Year the cargo was unloaded  


Contact for Additional Information:
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Point of Contact: WCSC (504) 862-1441 or (504) 862-1426