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U.S. Waterway Data Title
Waterway Network Link Commodity Data
Data Dictionary

File Name: \waternet\tons\data\linktons16.txt and \waternet\tons\dbf\linktons16.xls

1      LINK         Link Number                    integer(7)

2      TOTALUP      Total Upbound Tonnage          integer(10)

3      TOTALDOWN    Total Downbound Tonnage        integer(10)

4      COALUP       Coal Upbound                   integer(10)

5      COALDOWN     Coal Downbound                 integer(10)

6      PETROLUP     Petroleum Products Upbound     integer(10)

7      PETROLDOWN   Petroleum Products Downbound   integer(10)

8      CHEMUP       Chemicals Upbound              integer(10)

9      CHEMDOWN     Chemicals Downbound            integer(10)

10     CRMATUP      Crude Materials Upbound        integer(10)

11     CRMATDOWN    Crude Materials Downbound      integer(10)

12     MANUUP       Manufactured Goods Upbound     integer(10)

13     MANUDOWN     Manufactured Goods Downbound   integer(10)

14     FARMUP       Farm Products Upbound          integer(10)

15     FARMDOWN     Farm Products Downbound        integer(10)

16     MACHUP       Machinery Upbound              integer(10)

17     MACHDOWN     Machinery Downbound            integer(10)

18     WASTEUP      Waste Upbound                  integer(10)

19     WASTEDOWN    Waste Downbound                integer(10)

20     UNKWNUP      Unknown Upbound                integer(10)

21     UNKWNDOWN    Unknown Downbound              integer(10)

Contact for Additional Information:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center
PO BOX 61280
New Orleans, LA 70161-1280
Point of Contact: WCSC
Tel. (504)-862-1426 or (504)-862-1441
Fax. (504)-862-1423