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U.S. Waterway Data Title
Foreign Cargo
Inbound and Outbound

Data Dictionary

File Name(s): im16port (.xlsx) and ex16port (.xlsx)

Year         	Year    

Type_Proc    	Type Processing Description  

Port         	United States Port/WTWY code

Port_Name    	United States Port Description

Wtwy 		United States Waterway Code	

Wtwy_Name	United States Waterway Description
State		US State/territory			

Forport		Foreign Port Schedule K Code

Foport_Name	Foreign Port Schedule K Description    

Ctry_F		Foreign Country Schedule C Code – forport

Ctry_F_Name	Foreign Country Schedule C Description - forport

Ctry_C		Foreign Country Code – commodity

Ctry_C_Name	Foreign Country Description - commodity	

PMS_Comm    	Lock Performance Monitoring System Commodity Code

PMS_Name	Lock Performance Monitoring System Commodity Description 

Tonnage       	Tonnage                                     

Coastdst    	U.S. Coastal District                  


YEAR        	Indicates the statistical year of the file. For example: The 
		year 2012 would be shown as "2012".

TYPE_PROC      Indicates the type of traffic as import or export. 

PORT         	Contains the port code used by the Army Corps of Engineers to
		represent ports in the United States. There are some cases 
		where this field is null (United States origin or destination
		is not in a port area - see WTWY below).

PORT_NAME   	Contains the description for the U.S. port code.  

WTWY     	Contains the waterway code used by the Army Corps of Engineers
		to represent waterways in the United States. All records will
		have a four digit code for this field.

WTWY_NAME	Contains the description of the waterway code.

STATE		Two letter abbreviation of US state/territory where US
		port/waterway is located.

FORPORT		Contains the 5 digit foreign port code (schedule K) where the 
		vessel is loaded or off-loaded.

FORPORT_NAME	Contains the description of the forport code.

CTRY_F  	Contains the 4 digit foreign country code of the foreign port 
		(schedule C).

CTRY_F_NAME	Contains the description of CTRY_F code.

CTRY_C     	Contains the 4 digit foreign country code associated with the
		origin (if import)/destination (if export) of the commodity 
		(schedule C). 

CTRY_C_NAME	Contains the description of CTRY_C code.

PMS_COMM  	Contains a 2 digit code for describing commodities by the U.S.
		Army Corps' Lock Performance Monitoring System (LPMS). The
		LPMS commodity codes were standardized to reflect the
		hierarchical structure of the Standard Industrial Trade
		Classification (SITC) Revision 3 commodity codes.

PMS_NAME	Description of 2 digit PMS_COMM code.

TONNAGE		The cargo tonnage in short tons (2,000 lbs).

COASTDST	The region of the United States in which port is located:

               1 = North Atlantic
               2 = South Atlantic
               3 = Gulf of Mexico
               4 = South Pacific
               5 = North Pacific
               6 = Great Lakes
               7 = Hawaii
               8 = Alaska
               9 = Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands

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