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U.S. Waterway Data Title
Dredging Information System
Data Dictionary

File Name(s): \dredging\data\COEdrdge.txt and \dredging\xls\COEdrdge.xls


NUMBER  NAME        DESCRIPTION                           TYPE   WIDTH

  1     fy          fiscal year Oct 1 to Sep 30           NUMBER     2

  2     distnam     name of Corps of Engineers District   TEXT      20

  3     jobname     name of dredging site/location        TEXT      28

  4     prdrname    name of the Corps dredge              TEXT      24

  5     prdrtype    primary dredge type used              TEXT       1

                    B bucket or mechanical

                    D dustpan

                    H hopper

                    N non-conventional (specialty) type

                    P pipeline (cutterhead)

                    S sidecaster

                    u undefined

  6     statdat     the date the dredging started         DATE       8

  7     stopdat     the date the dredging ended           DATE       8

  8     actualcy    actual cubic yards dredged            NUMBER    15

  9     actual_cost actual cost of the dredging           NUMBER    11 

 10     numwkdy     number of work (dredging) days        NUMBER     6

 11     disptype    type of material disposal             TEXT       1

                    B beach nourishment

                    C confined

                    D underwater confined

                    M mixed, more than one type

                    O overboard and open water

                    S open water and upland

                    T beach nourishment and upland

                    U upland

                    W wetlands nourishment or creation

                    x undefined

 12     donefor     Corps District work performed for     TEXT       3

 13     eq_cu_yd    estimated cubic yards                 NUMBER    11

 14     ilatdeg     dredging site degrees latitude        NUMBER     3

 15     ilatmin     dredging site minutes latitude        NUMBER     3

 16     ilatsec     dredging site seconds latitude        NUMBER     3   

 17     ilondeg     dredging site degrees longitude       NUMBER     3

 18     ilonmin     dredging site minutes longitude       NUMBER     3

 19     ilonsec     dredging site seconds longitude       NUMBER     3



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