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U.S. Waterway Data Title
Dredging Information System
Data Dictionary

File Name(s): \dredging\data\dredging.txt and \dredging\xls\dredging.xls


NUMBER NAME      DESCRIPTION                           TYPE WIDTH

   1  fy         fiscal year Oct 1 to Sep 30           NUMBER   2
   2  distnam    name of Corps of Engineers District   TEXT    20
   3  jobname    name of dredging site/location        TEXT    28
   4  jlatdeg    dredging site degrees latitude        NUMBER   3
   5  jlatmin    dredging site minutes latitude        NUMBER   3
   6  jlatsec    dredging site seconds latitude        NUMBER   3
   7  jlondeg    dredging site degrees longitude       NUMBER   3
   8  jlonmin    dredging site minutes longitude       NUMBER   3
   9  jlonsec    dredging site seconds longitude       NUMBER   3
  10  unitmatr   unit of contract measure              TEXT     2
                 Y cubic yards
                 D days
                 H hours
                 L lump sum
                 M cubic meters
                 O other
                 S Station
                 u undefined
  11  est_quan   estimated quantity of units(unitmatr) NUMBER  11
  12  eq_cu_yd   equivalent cubic yards if units are   NUMBER  11
                 other than cubic yards
  13  prdrtype   primary dredge type used              TEXT     1
                 B bucket or mechanical
                 D dustpan
                 H hopper
                 I Water Injection 
                 N non-conventional (specialty) type
                 P pipeline (cutterhead)
                 S sidecaster
                 W combination of all types
                 X pipeline and bucket combination
                 Y pipeline and hopper combination
                 Z hopper and bucket combination
                 u undefined
  14  classwrk   class of work                         TEXT     1
                 B both maintenance & new work
                 M maintenance
                 N new work
                 S Beach Nourishment non-navigation
                 W Wetland Nourishment non-navigation
                 u undefined
  15  disptype   type of material disposal             TEXT     1
                 B beach nourishment
                 C confined
                 D underwater confined
                 M mixed, more than one type
                 O overboard and open water
                 S open water and upland
                 T beach nourishment and upland
                 U upland
                 W wetlands nourishment or creation
                 x undefined
  16  adv_date   advertising date of solicitation      DATE     8
  17  bopendat   bid opening date                      DATE     8
  18  awarddat   date of contract award                DATE     8
  19  eststart   estimated start date of dredging      DATE     8
  20  estend     estimated end date of dredging        DATE     8
  21  set_aside  small business set aside contract     TEXT     1
                 A 8a set aside
		 D Service Disabled/Veteran Owned
                 E emeging small business set aside
                 H Hubzone set aside 
                 N No Set Aside - Unrestricted
                 S small business set aside 
                 u unknown
		 v Veteran Owned
	         w Woman Owned
  22  tot_est    total amount of government estimate   NUMBER  11
  23  num_bidr   number of bids submitted              INTEGER  4
  24  tot_bid    total amount of winning bid           NUMBER  11
  25  contrnam   name of winning bidder                TEXT    30
  26  city       city of winning bidder                TEXT    20
  27  state      state of winning bidder               TEXT     2
  28  smallbus   business status of winner             TEXT     1
                 E emerging small business
                 L large business
                 S small business
                 u undefined
  29  act_arr    actual arrival date of contractor
                 on site                               DATE     8
  30  act_dep    actual departure date of contractor
                 from site                             DATE     8
  31  actualcy   actual cubic yards dredged            NUMBER  11
  32  actual_cst actual cost of contract               NUMBER  11
  33  job_status status of job                         TEXT     2
                 A  active job
                 C  completed
                 CC completed but claim on payment pending
                 H  hold - miscellaneous reason
                 HB hold - protest on bid
                 HF hold - awaiting funding
                 HP hold - awaiting permit(s)
                 M  moved to another fiscal year
                 NB No Bids Received
                 OA open by amendment
                 P  proposed >80% chance of award
                 T  terminated
                 W  withdrawn
                 U  undefined


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