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U.S. Waterway Data Title
Principal Ports of the United States

File Description:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Principal Ports file for 2016
(PORTS16.txt, PORTS16.xlsx)

Data Dictionary

File Directory:

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Archived Reports 2015-1996

The Principal Port file contains USACE port codes, geographic
locations(longitude, latitude), names, and commodity tonnage
summaries (total tons, domestic, foreign, imports and exports)
for Principal USACE Ports.
The ports are politically defined by port limits or Corps projects,
excluding non-Corps projects not authorized for publication.
The determination for the published Principal Ports is based
upon the total tonnage for the port for the particular year;
therefore the top 150 list can vary from year to year.


Short Tons


Source of Data
Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center, New Orleans, LA.

Sponsoring Organization
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Navigation Data Center, Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center, New Orleans, LA.

Time Span of Data Source: 2016
Update Frequency: Annual
Data quality/accuracy: Excellent
File Size: 150 records; ports16.txt -14,252 bytes; ports16.xls -23,312 bytes
File Format: ASCII Comma Delimited and dBase
Maximum Characters per Record: 96
Media: CD, disk, tape, hardcopy
Contact for Additional Information:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center
PO BOX 61280
New Orleans, LA 70161-1280
Point of Contact:
WCSC (504) 862-1424 or (504) 862-1441

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